Security Sensors


Takex Security Sensors

Takenaka Engineering Co., Ltd has been offering the highest quality security sensors in Japan since 1972. The Security Sensor product line offers a wide variety of motion detection & surveillance sensors consisting of passive infrared and photoelectric beam sensors. These products are available for both indoor and outdoor environments and can be used in an extensive variety of applications.

Passive Infrared Sensor

Takex Passive Infrared Sensor can be installed indoor/outdoor where you don' t want people intruding the area like office rooms, private houses, factories, parking lots etc.

Indoor Passive Sensor : It is mainly installed in the private house, office, building, factory - all inside the premise so that you detect the intruders come into your premise.

Outdoor Passive Sensor : It is used for the conventional purpose - In the garden of private house to check the intrusion, which will triggers CCTV recording system.

Photoelectric Beam Sensor

Takex Photoelectric Beam Sensor consists of transmitter and receiver. When sombody or something crosses the beam between transmitter and receiver, it initiates an alarm. It is mainly installed in external perimeter of the premise to prevent people from intruding into the premise. Extremely effective for Bunglow type Houses, Buildings, Factories etc. It is mainly installed outdoor.

Microwave Sensor

Takex Microwave sensor consists of transmitter and receiver. When somebody or something comes into the area between transmitter and receiver, it initiates an alarm. Microwave is well suitable for locations where climate is harsh. Area where you have heavy rain, snow, fog - like mountain area, seaside area. This is for outdoor perimeter protection.

Combination Sensor

Takex Combination Sensors are the most reliable sensors for perimeter protection. With combination function of Photoelectric beam and Microwave, it suits to the severest installation sites which needs heavy and strict security like airport, prison, high security industries.

Flame Sensor

TAKEX flame sensor detects anyone trying to smoke in prohibited areas like bathroom, warehouse etc. This can even be used in sensitive areas to have a first hand alert of any spark/flame, areas like electrical panel room, server room, non smoking hotel rooms etc. Flame sensor are very effective where you don't want any flame like army warehouse, chemical factories, museums, art galleries etc.

Shutter Sensor

Takex Shutter Sensors are installed in front of the shutter in order to detect the forced opening of the shutter by burglars.

Glass Sensor

Takex Glass Sensors are installed near the glass windows/doors so that it detects the breakage of the windows by the burglars.