About Us


Konnect Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Our solutions are based on best of breed technologies and leading MNC brands. For the clients this means world-class technology, correct implementation and high-level continued support by the manufacturers that are amongst the largest in their field of expertise.

Experience of over decade in the industry.

Proven experts, over two decades, in providing solutions in Telecom, Security Systems,

Unified planning & execution.

Solutions around best of breed technologies and products

Alliances with leading manufacturer’s

Large internal & experienced support team

Headed by technocrats not traders

The technocrats themselves have over 2 decades experience

Closer to customers

Projects are preceded by in-depth analysis.

Ensure innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Implement right systems on best practices.

Continuous support- round the clock.

Total lifecycle - from the need to the solution

Single provider for multi vendor, multitech solution

Seamless delivery worldwide

Customized from acquire to retire